Old-fashioned Christmas in Artena

A maze of cobblestone stairways, stone houses massed one on top of another, sweeping panoramic views, the fascinating medieval hill town of Artena is not only one of the steepest in Italy but is also the largest historic center in Europe without cars or other motorised traffic. While only half an hour from Rome, visiting it gives the feeling of being immersed in another era.

Christmas is a particularly magical time to visit Artena. Take the colourful Christmas Express train up to old main piazza at the base of the historic center and explore from there, the mini bus all the way up to the top of the town and wind your way down or, for the most adventurous, a mule ride around town!

In any case, you will find an authentic holiday spirit with Christmas lights, grottos decked out with remarkable Nativity Scenes and cellar after cellar with culinary delights, handicraft gift ideas and local products.